SEO Tips SEO boost 2021 (part1)

In this Article we are going to talk about how to increase seo on google and a few common seo questions and answers. Tips about structured data, usage of redirect 301 and  Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP are our topics today.

1- Are structured data and rich snippets only related to google or all search engines? Its related only to google search engine.

2- What should we consider when using structured data to mark up content? The important point to use the structured data and its code correctly. You have to either use the codes completely correctly or don’t use them at all. Using them incorrectly can create problems for loading your website. You would also likely get some errors in the google search console. If the number of errors rises by too much you may actually lose your current google rank.
Implementing the code correctly can significantly increase your CTR. Rich snippets can attract much more users than normal snippets in search result pages or SERP.

3- What is the most important usage of redirect 301 in our websites? When any page of a website has been removed or gets a new URL. If a page is permanently removed from the website you can transfer the rank of the old page to the new page with a redirect 301. Or, if the address of a page has been changed on a website, then the old URL should redirect to a new URL. Not only will you not lose the rank of your old page but with some updates in content and an attractive title – you can get a better point from google.

4- What is canonical tag? How can i use them? A canonical tag (aka “rel canonical”) prevents from google punishment. If a website has some similar or duplicate contents you can imform google that this is a copy of this address. For example if you have 4 contents similar to fifth one you have to use canonical tag for all 4 pages and point to fifth page. therefore you will prevent google penalty.

5- Does AMP on website affect my SEO Ranking?
AMP or accelerated mobile page may not directly impact your Website SEO Ranking but when it comes to speed of loading website in mobile devices, it can definitely impact your SEO. Many researchers believe that in the near future the mobile devices will only show the results which are optimized for mobile devices.

We recommend take look at Google advanced SEO Tips.

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