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SEO optimization prices in Vienna

There are different SEO optimization prices in Vienna, Austria and all over the world. All SEO agencies have specific ways of calculating SEO prices. That’s why Myna SEO agency has decided to write an Article to clarify the standard SEO services projects and SEO prices.

SEO Agency Prices

Nowadays one of the biggest challenges of companies is the SEO optimization prices and the tariff of websites optimization. Recently search engine optimization has been a necessary affair for each company in order to improve their business revenue.

How much it actually costs to optimize a website for it to appear on the first page of google search results is an influential factor. It will determine if companies decide to optimize their websites or not. The importance of SEO is increasing every day. Research shows that 85% of people search for products or services on the Internet before buying. So if your site is not on the first page of Google, you will lose a lot of customers.
In conclusion, website optimization based on relevant keywords is a requirement for all companies.
There are different ways to estimate the SEO price, we will discuss this below.

1- Hourly payment for SEO project:

Hourly payment is one of the methods of calculating the price of SEO projects. This method is mostly used by people who do SEO as freelancers.
In this case depending on the expertise of the executor the SEO projects can proceed slowly and be very expensive.
On the other hand the amount of work that is done and the amount paid are completely clear. The employer can after a certain time check the improvement of his ranking in search engines. So that he better knows the strengths and weaknesses of his site optimization specialist and get a better view of budget and project management.
In this way the SEO project usually ends later and the value of the work that is done can be less than expected.
This method is useful for people who are familiar with SEO and want to optimize their website. They will get advice from an expert in order to save money and carry out the project more professionally.

In this category the prices begin from 25€-30€ per Hour. 2 most popular price ranges are 75€-100€ per Hour and 100€-150€ per Hour.
In some special competition cases the price can go up to 750€ per Hour.


2- Monthly payment for SEO project:

This means that you have selected a person or a company to do the SEO of your website and they are responsible for increasing the ranking of your website.
As we know SEO is a long-term process and sometimes it takes up to 6 months for a noticeable change in the site ranking. SEO freelancers or companies usually sign long-term contracts, which mean that if they fail to achieve good results, you have not only lost a lot of money, but also a lot of time.
This method is suitable when the customer has sufficient knowledge of the SEO Company or the SEO freelancer. They have to have a good reputation and resume in the field of SEO projects.

In this category the prices begin from 50€ – 100€ per month. 2 most popular price ranges are 250€ – 500€ per month and 500€ – 1000€ per month.
In some special competition cases the price can go up to 100,000€ per month.


3- SEO prices based on project:

This method is the most common method with optimization companies.
One of the advantages of this method is from the beginning the purpose of the project and the projects cost are clear. In this method like the hourly or monthly method there is no change in the total price. According to the customer contract with the optimizer company both sides are fully aware of the keywords, search results position, schedule estimation and project execution price from the beginning.

The disadvantage of this method is if you do not have enough information about SEO principles, you may pay too much. You may not know how long it will take to implement the project and finally you cannot monitor its implementation, so you may be charged a high price.

This method is recommended for companies that have basic information about SEO and want to improve their site rank and optimization. Mostly these projects include Off-page optimization, Backlinks building, Content production and improvement, etc. Often there is no change and manipulation in website source.

In this category the prices begin from 100€ – 250€ per project. 2 most popular price ranges are 500€ – 1000€ per project and mostly are more than 1000€ per project.
In some special competition cases the price can go up to 100,000€ per project.


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