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What is Digital Marketing?

Your career advancement is really our main desire. To ensure improvement in your business we have upgraded our technical knowledge to provide you various digital marketing services.

The whole planet is online more than ever. Having an online presence is an absolute “must” for any company you can think of. From mega-corporations to chimney-sweepers, a polished and accessible website, updated social media channels, and a solid advertising campaign are on the top of the list of most companies’ digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing is the branch of marketing that is aimed at promoting the product or service you offer. The fact that more than 4.5 billion people have internet access, means you’d better have your product or service prominently promoted in the digital world. We use an integrated approach to develop your marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization(SEO), social media marketing (including email marketing) pay-per-click advertising, are some of the most successful types of digital marketing across industries and sectors. 

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Who is your Target Audience?

We start all of our projects figuring out who is the best audience for you to target so that we best communicate your unique value. This target group is called a “customer persona.” This will be the ideal candidate to purchase your product or service. 

Setting Goals

Your goals are our goals. Before we start, we agree on goals and decide which tools, tactics and campaigns are best suited to help us succeed. We develop your marketing strategy based on what you want for your business and your target clients.

Keeping on Track

Over the course of the project, we will collaborate closely with your team to ensure that we are on track. We will have scheduled performance reviews so you know exactly what is going on.


The first step is to create a fast and mobile-friendly website. This website should have several landing pages (or sales pages) to introduce the company and its products or services.

SEO and site optimization

The next step is to take SEO-related actions and identify the items that need to be optimized. First we have to go to SEO technical issues, consider internal SEO (On-Page SEO) and then external SEO (Off-Page SEO).

Content marketing

Based on the results of the comprehensive research we have done on your keywords and the analyses of your target market, we should develop a content marketing plan that includes the following:

  • What type of content should be produced? (Text, video …)
  • What is the release time of that content? (release calendar)
  • How to promote content (e.g. using social media, email and PPC)

Social media marketing

We need to use social media to increase people’s awareness of the brand and sales. By defining the ideal customer persona, we have to setup a proper campaign for any social media that we are going to use and schedule a publishing calendar for content on those networks.

At the same time, make a list of popular and influential people (influencers) of selected social networks who are likely to be interested in your product for sharing your content on social networks.


Email Marketing

This entails building a database of customers email with multiple calls for action in different parts of your website and social media accounts. For example, you can get users email addresses by encouraging them to sign up to receive a newsletter, download a free item, or participate in a free webinar.

PPC Advertising

Along with the above activities, having an AdWords campaign is necessary to target people who search for keywords related to your products.

Analyses of results

Make sure that Google Analytics and the other analytics tools are enabled on your website and configured correctly. This will enable you to carefully evaluate the effectiveness of each of the above steps.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Myna is a Digital Marketing Agency in Vienna

Your business can grow in a positive direction of more profit. For this reason you need to be enlightened and have necessary knowledge on the right path.
However all you have to do is to choose your customer group and target market and direct them, to your product and service available. Furthermore if you have difficulties in this regard, our company is your way out we can serve as essential advancement guide.
We can commence with an online market business strategy for you that will warrant improvement and success in your business. All you have to do is to be excited and ready to start your own business then our team helps to showcase and publicize your product to potential customers.
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Your career advancement is really our main desire to ensure improvement in your business we have upgraded our technical knowledge to provide you with various digital marketing services.
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