And for whom?

Situation for many companies

Advertising on adult websites. Distinguishing oneself from competitors is often only possible through better and more intensive marketing. Competition is fierce, and the end customer is only one click away. At the same time, potential customers are often “ad-weary” due to the mass of identical advertising. Many companies address these factors by “more of the same”. As a result, competition for the few lucrative advertising spaces is enormous, which drives prices up significantly. The effort required to get into the top 4 positions on Google for relevant search terms is huge – both in terms of time and money.

Our solution

We have a solution to this problem. Advertise where the competition is not yet, where prices are low, and where opportunities for increasing awareness are extremely high.

Sounds almost too easy?

Yes, it’s true. Sounds that way. It is that way. But it won’t always be that way. In other countries, this advertising platform is already much more widespread and significantly more expensive (USA and Asia). This is probably due to its success.

We’re talking about pornographic sites. Yes, you read that right. You know it. And most other people you know also know pornographic videos and images. So do your customers!

The uniqueness of pornographic sites for advertising

For example, Pornhub is a mass medium. Like television. Only much cheaper. You reach everyone. Through all social strata, cultural backgrounds, financial situations, educational levels, and gender. (about 30% of users are women!). Normally, mass media is very expensive, but advertising on Pornhub is the cheapest advertising medium at the same time. Here are some numbers and facts:

Facts about adult websites

  • 1.5 billion monthly visitors.
  • 25% of all website traffic on the internet is on adult websites – that’s 68 million every day!
  • 27 million page views in Germany
  • 8.7 million in Switzerland
  • 6.7 million in Austria
  • Pornhub has 130 million daily visits
  • Myna delivers 18 million ad impressions every day

Demographically, the min audience is male and an average of 36 years old.

What does advertising on Pornhub bring?

Advertising on adult websites. Advertising on Pornhub brings you a huge increase in brand and product awareness.

  • Many impressions (more than 2 seconds in the viewport), due to enormous traffic at the same time as low prices.
  • This enormous number of impressions leads to high traffic to your website
  • Through banner clicks
  • Through later direct visits / Google searches of your website
  • Through more organic search volume for your brand and products through increased brand awareness

And for whom?
For everyone. We claim and are sure. Virtually every company will benefit from an increase in brand awareness. The big companies do not invest the by far largest share of their advertising budgets in brand awareness for nothing, because without the brand being known, fewer products of that brand are sold. TV advertising and PR fall precisely into this area.

But the service industry, online shops, or offerings that are associated with an action, such as registration, benefit especially. Here, the campaign can also be designed to be price-sensitive. Discounts and promotions make it easier to trigger an action among potential customers.

Why with us?

  • Because we create the best and most professional banners on Pornhub
  • Because our banners achieve high click-through rates
  • Because we smartly deal with your brand and tailor our approach to you
  • Because we are in daily exchange with the most experienced key account managers at Trafficjunky, Trafficstrars, Pushy ads and exoclick.
  • Because we think marketing and sales together.

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